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Skid Packages



System Design and Valve Supply :

Full system design and supply, as per site requirements, including the below:



   Steam To Water 
   Heat Exchanger Packages

   The AdcaTherm series offers several solutions for water heating in a safe and 
   efficient way, from compact instant production systems to semi-instantaneous or 
   even storage systems. Either for room heating, consumption water or process water, 
   Valsteam ADCA will always have a solution to offer you.



        Packaged Condensate Pumping Sets
        The POP-K packaged pump units can be used to lift or displace hot condensate 
        and other liquids even in hazardous areas.
        A POP-K packaged unit comprises an Adcamat pump, a vented receiver and 
        all auxiliary items, compactly mounted on a metal frame piped and ready for 
        Two or more units can be connected in parallel to cope with flow rates beyond the 
        capacity of a single pump.




Packaged Pump Trap Sets
Valsteam ADCA offer a complete fabricated Condensate APST Pump Trap 
Unit, the Unit can be sized based on the flow rate, pressure, total lift and pipe 
run to ensure that your steam and condensate system runs efficiently.





Flash Steam Heat
Recovery Packages

The FRECO Unit is designed to utilize the energy from the returning 
condensate and increase the boiler feed water temperature to above 
100°C+. By placing the FRECO unit after the feed pump, this ensures 
the usual pump cavitation concerns are eliminated and a much higher 
boiler feed water temperature can be achieved. A rise of 6°C in feed water 
temperature corresponds to a saving of approximately 1% fuel. 




     Electric Condensate 
     Pumping Sets

     Valsteam ADCA's electric condensate recovery units 
     are supplied with a Stainless Steel receiver and 
     cascade level control achieved by duty standby 
     pumps mounted directly beneath the receiver. The 
     units come complete with all ancillaries including a 
     prewired control panel mounted to the frame.